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The aims and objectives of the activities of the Association are:

1. Contribution into Kazakh engineers professional work;

2. Protection of the rights and freedoms of the Association engineers, their economic and professionally-authorship, copyright, honors, dignity and reputation;

3. Raising the prestige of the engineering profession, diffusion of science and technology through the Association to improve people's lives;

4. Creating an enabling environment for combining Kazakh technicians to professional unity, exchange of experience, realization of creative, scientific potential members of the Association;

5. Promote active penetration of State language in the area of science and technology, creation of Kazakh technical language environment, participation in processes of linguistic construction;

6. Cooperation with the trade unions of engineers, in order to promote the growth of welfare and social security, improve working conditions, life and leisure of technicians;

7. Development of technical education and vocational level of Kazakh engineers, increase their competitiveness in the labour market;

8. Attract public attention to the situation in the sphere of science and technology, enhancing the social role of engineers;

9. Cooperation with similar domestic and foreign associations and unions;

10. Cooperation with international governmental and non-governmental organizations in the field of science and technology;

11. Promotion of internationally recognized professional standards in technology and technical education introducing in Kazakh practices, development of domestic professional standards, monitoring of their implementation;

12. Organization of work with young Kazakh engineers;

13. Popularization of the best examples of the work of Kazakh scientists and engineers;

14. Participation in the development of Kazakhstan law on Science and technology, the promotion of international standards concerning the activities of technical workers;

15. Coordination of technical specialists and other allied professionals to promote technical state language of the Republic of Kazakhstan, work with lessons learned and the problem solution;

16. Promote the State and public institutions in most full use of the intellectual and scientific and technical potential of Kazakhstan to implement constitutional provisions on approval of the Republic of Kazakhstan a democratic, secular, legal and social State;

17. The implementation of the professional development programmes for the Kazakh engineers, improving their technical education;

18. Building a culture based on the universally recognized principles of professional conduct and ethics;

19. Development of the technical English-Kazakh dictionary;

20. Translation of the best technical articles and books from foreign languages into Kazak;

21. Promotion and popularization of science and technology in the State language, promotion of the ideals and purposes of the Association to the public;

22. Interaction with various government agencies, community groups on the technical terminology in the State language;

23. Implementation of the publication in the State language;

24. Creation and maintainance of Internet resource on the Internet at the State and English and Russian languages;

25. Organization of trainings, seminars, conferences, symposiums, congresses and other events in the State language;

26. Financial support of the Organizations activities;

27. Implementation of other activities if not prohibited by law.

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