1. The General provisions

KAZAK INJENERLER BÌRLESTÌGÌ (hereinafter: Association) is a non-profit organization in the form of a public association established by citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in order to implement, protect and meet the professional interests of the members of the Association, to develop the scientific and technical progress and to develop Kazak technical language.

Association works under the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, other legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, international treaties and of this Charter.

Association operates on the principles of voluntariness, equality, democracy, and self-governance, rule of law, accountability and transparency.

Legal capacity of the Association as a corporate body starts since its registration in the law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Association may acquire property and personal rights and bear responsibilities, to be plaintiff and defendant in the courts, to perform other actions in accordance with statutory goals and activities.

Association has a bank account, a stamp with its name, and its own balance.

The full name of the Association

in the State language: "KAZAK INJENERLER BÌRLESTÌGÌ"



4. Formation of governing bodies and their competency and term of office

4.1 The governing bodies are:
The superior body is the founding meeting of Association members (hereinafter: Meeting).
The executive body is The Council.
The Meeting elects members of Council and Auditing Committee for three years period. The Meeting shall be called according to decision of The Council but at least once in three years.

4.2 The capacities of meeting are:
- changes in the Chapter and name of Association
- formation of Council
- election of Auditing Committee
- approval of internal rules of Association

4.3 The meeting is eligible if there are 2/3 of all number of members are presented.

4.4 In the time between Meetings the Council works as the executive body. The Council consists of Chairman and members.

4.5 The Chairman is elected by Meeting of the members for four years.

4.6 Auditing Committee is elected by members for one year.

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