Code of coduct

Code of Professional Ethics of Kazakh engineers

An Engineer is always obliged to act on the principles of professional ethics enshrined in the Code so acceptance, approval and implementation of which is a precondition for his/her membership in the KIB.

Engineers always adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Engineers are always acting with the knowledge that his/her behavior will not lead to negative consequences, and his/her actions demonstrate respect for the quality of the environment.

Engineer behaves in such a way as to avoid insulting the feelings of others, respect for religious beliefs and convictions based on the belief of others, respect for sexual orientation and preferences of others, and respects the views of others and never seeks to enforce on others their own beliefs and opinions, should refrain from any disparaging allusions or comments regarding race, nationality, skin color, social background, as well as the physical handicap or disease in humans.

Engineer respects and defends the rights of their professional colleagues, complies with the laws of fair competition.

Engineer respects copyright, arising out of any inventive and creative activities. Plagiarism is unacceptable. Using any way the work of his colleague, engineer refers to the name of the author.

Engineer commits itself to create a working environment free of accidents and never harm the environment.

Engineer avoids physical violence, abusive or threatening behavior or action that may lead to injury or threat to life or damage to property.

No driving under the influence of alcohol.

Engineer observes the laws and traditions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Engineer does not take bribes and did not enter into a criminal conspiracy.

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