Our vision

Think what lies ahead and choose good goal to go directly

KAZAK INJENERLER BIRLESTIGI (KIB) is a nonprofit organization working with aim to realize, protect and meet the professional interests of its members, promoting scientific and technological progress and development of  Kazak technical language.

How do we imagine our association in future?

We see it as a well-known association and popular throughout the world. It will be a benchmark for other associations and unions. Being a member of the association will be a great honor and great pride for every man who devoted his/her life to the development of science and technology. People will take our association very positively.

Members of the association will be highly educated and qualified professionals in the industry, information technology and energy. They know, respect and love Kazakh language. They are patriots of Kazakhstan who believe in its prosperity. The key personal qualities of members are the nobility, dignity, honor and discipline. They share the general mankind values and have the courage to achieve great heights in the promotion of their bright ideas and plans.

Members of the association understand the universal vulnerability of the modern world and feel responsible for the future of the Kazakh people and all mankind. They think about the potential of their country and believe in their ability to change the world around. They have instant access to global information networks, conducting high-tech engineering research in various fields of economy and technology.

We see Kazakhstan in future as a country with clean energy sources, taking the position of the world's intellectual and cultural leader who is able to produce and implement a scientific-technological and cultural ideas, providing a high level and quality of life for all inhabitants, causing the respect in the world, exporting high technology products and attracting people and capital to come in to Kazakhstan.

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