3.1. The members of association can be citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as foreign citizens of full age and recognizing the Charter of the Association.  
Members of the Association must be honest, decent people ready to grow and develop in a professional manner. Members of the Association shall be patriots of Kazakhstan and are involved in activities relevant to the interests of the Association.  
A fellow member of the Association may be any member of the Association, which made a significant contribution to the objectives of the Association. Decision to award the rank of fellow member shall be admitted by the Council.

3.2. Membership is voluntary.

3.3. Membership in the Association has three categories:

- Associate – individuals working in a related field or who simply have a passion for engineering and technology people who work in the technology field, or have technical hobbies.

- Members have the appropriate technical knowledge and skills. Members have the right to use the abbreviation KIBM (KIB member) in their documents.

- Fellow members have high qualification and sustained achievement in their field of work. Fellow members have the right to use the abbreviation KIBKM (KIB fellow member).

3.4. Admission to membership in the Association is carried out on the recommendation of any member of the Association and to address the Council to take effect on the basis of a written application in the State language.
The Council reviews the application and decides by majority vote.

3.5. Registration of members is carried on by the Council.

3.6. Membership fees are set by the Council.

3.7. Retired members of the Association shall be exempt from fee payment.

3.8. Member of the Association is awarded by certificate (on special request).

3.9. Member of the Association has the right:

- to elect and be elected in elected bodies;
- to make proposals to amend the Charter, the proposals for improving the work and meet the objectives of the Association;
- enjoy all kinds of advice, expertise, legal, technical and other assistance provided by the Association and contact on matters relating to the protection of professional rights and the results of creative activity;
- to participate any events organized by Association;
- to use in full any non-confidential information available in the Association;
- to use abbreviation of Association after personal name and surname in business cards and other documents;
- to participate in Council meetings when discussing issues affecting their interests.

3.10. Member of the Association must:

- stand for the Charter of the Association;
- to respect the Association member code of professional ethics;
- help professional growth of the young professionals;
- put up with the decisions of the Association management if not contrary to law;
- regularly pay membership fees.

3.11. Association is not responsible for the obligations of its members, as they are not liable for the obligations of the Union.

3.12. Membership is terminated in circumstances:

- exit members voluntarily;
- exclusion from Association members.

3.13. Exit from membership is made on the basis of a written application;

3.14. Expel from Association Membership is carried out in the following cases:

- committing actions against to the Charter of the Association;
- for failure to pay membership fees during two years.

3.15. The exclusion of members of the Association is run by Association Council.

3.16. Upon termination of membership in the Association, members of the Association does not retain rights to their property passed into the ownership of the Association, including membership fees.

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