New speaker system for cars creates separate 'audio zones' for front and rear

New speaker system for cars creates separate 'audio zones' for front and rearEver wish that your car's interior cabin could have separate audio zones for the front and rear seats? It soon may. A new approach achieves independent listening zones within a car by using small, modified speakers to produce directional sound fields and a signal processing strategy that optimizes the audio signals used to drive each of the speakers.


Japanese Firm To Build Space Elevator By 2050

Japanese Firm To Build Space Elevator By 2050Obayashi unveiled a project, which envisions a huge elevator that will be moved by cables to a terminal station located at an altitude of 36,000 km or 22,370 miles. The company says it would use carbon nanotubes to manufacture the cables and stabilize them in air and space using a massive counterweight at 96,000 kilometers (59,650 miles) above the surface of earth.


ZEHST - Paris-Tokyo in two and a half hours on hypersonic jet

ZEHST - Paris-Tokyo in two and a half hours on hypersonic jetFancy traveling from Paris to Tokyo in two and a half hours? Do you yearn for the Concorde days? Aerospace group EADS, owner of planemaker Airbus, thinks it has the answer -- a hypersonic jet that flies above the atmosphere, yet takes off from a regular runway. "It is not a Concorde but it looks like a Concorde, showing that aerodynamics of the 1960s were very smart," Jean Botti, EADS' chief technical officer, said.
By flying above the atmosphere and using biofuel to get the plane off the ground initially, the group hopes to avoid the supersonic boom and pollution Concorde was notorious for.


Super Guppy

Super GuppyThe Super Guppy aircraft was acquired by NASA from the European Space Agency under an International Space Station barter agreement. Manufactured by Airbus Industries, ESA supplied the aircraft to offset the cost to NASA of carrying ESA experiment equipment to the station as part of two future Space Shuttle flights. The new Super Guppy is the latest version in a long line of Guppy cargo aircraft used by NASA. Guppy aircraft were used in several past space programs, including Gemini, Apollo, and Skylab, to transport spacecraft components. The first Guppy aircraft was developed in 1962, designed specifically for NASA operations by Aero Spacelines of California. 


The first kazakh engineer

The First Kazakh EngineerEvery era has heroes as figures who surely left their experience, imprint on life. One of the eminent sons of the Kazakh people, representative of Kazakh intelligentsia was Mukhamedzhan Tynyshpayev,the first Kazakh railway service engineer and builder of the Turksib. He was born in the family of a poor cattleman-nomad on May 1879 in Kabanbai region of Taldy-korgan oblast.


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