The first kazakh engineer

The First Kazakh EngineerEvery era has heroes as figures who surely left their experience, imprint on life. One of the eminent sons of the Kazakh people, representative of Kazakh intelligentsia was Mukhamedzhan Tynyshpayev,the first Kazakh railway service engineer and builder of the Turksib. He was born in the family of a poor cattleman-nomad on May 1879 in Kabanbai region of Taldy-korgan oblast.

He took part in construction of Central Asian railway as an engineer for special missions. In 1911 he was appointed as a head and chief engineer at construction of Ursat’evsk-Andizhan railroad, in 1914 he came back home and worked at Semirechenskoye construction as a site supervisor and chief engineer of Arys – Zhambul area.

During 1921 – 1922 years Tynyshpayev was in control of water management of Turkestan Republic Agriculture Ministry. In 1923 he was in charge of Chimkent city water management and participated in start-up of Turkestan channel project. In connection with opening of Kazakh pedagogical institute of public education in Tashkent in 1924 he was invited to teach mathematics and physics.

Tynyshpayev was appointed as a chief engineer on improvements of Kyzyl-orda in 1925—1926. It was him who proposed a new idea of water supply of the city and construction of various facilities. Within 1927-1930 Tynyshpayev participated in construction of Turksib and was an engineer at Moskva –Donbass railway project department at a later time. Tynyshpayev’s scientific works consist of handwritten and selectively published masterpieces, some of which didn’t survive to date. Mukhamedzhan Tynyshpayev served his people contributing his talent of a highly professional engineer.


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