Solar panels as inexpensive as paint? It's possible due to new research

This is the University at Buffalo assistant professor of electrical engineeringFortunately, that is changing because researchers such as Qiaoqiang Gan, University at Buffalo assistant professor of electrical engineering, are helping develop a new generation of photovoltaic cells that produce more power and cost less to manufacture than what's available today.


Installing Rooftop Solar Is Unfair, Says Energy Group

Installing Rooftop Solar Is Unfair, Says Energy GroupThe Energy Supply Association of Australia, or ESAA, is a group whose membership appears to include just about every company that is involved in the generation or distribution of electricity in Australia. They have just released a very interesting discussion paper called, “Who pays for solar energy?” I think it’s very nice of them to put out a report like this and try to educate people,


Solar PV - Overview

Solar PV - OverviewQuite simply, PV (or photovoltaic) panels use daylight and convert it into electricity. Panels are made up of a number of "cells" made of a semi-conducting material, usually silicon. When photons from sunlight hit the cell, it displaces electrons, causing an electrical potential difference, and this in turn causes current to flow.


Will Electric Bicycles Get Americans to Start Pedaling?

Smart e-bikeElectric bicycles are already popular in Europe and in China, which has more e-bikes than cars on its roads. Now, manufacturers are marketing e-bikes in the U.S., promoting them as a "green" alternative to driving.

Most Americans know about Tesla, the Chevy Volt, and the Nissan Leaf. But what about Evelo, the eZip Trailz, and the Faraday Porteur?


Pedal Powered Laptops in Afghanistan

Pedal Powered Laptops in AfghanistanHuman kinetic energy can be transfered in a number of ways. Human energy is most commonly used to propel bicycles, but can also be used to generate electricity and power hand-crank tools. Some third world organizations are implementing human powered technologies to generate electricity to power computers and other appliances. The articles on this page are about human kinetic energy and its many uses.


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