Kazakhstan goes to Euro 5

Kazakstan goes to Euro 5Kazakh oil refineries to implement Euro-5 standards by 2014. Implementing Euro-5 oil refining standards is expected to boost Kazakhstan oil processing to 17 tons per year. Kazakhstan’s Ministry for Oil and Gas announced on Wednesday that it will bypass Euro-3 and Euro-4 oil refinery emissions standards to jump straight to implementing Euro-5 standards for the modernization of its refinery plants by 2014. Euro-5 compliant fuel emits a lower level of carbon fuels and prevents premature engine wear and corrosion.

“Our experts were recommended to consider the opportunity of transition to Euro-5 fuel production within the reconstruction of the oil refineries,” the Kazinform.com news web site reported Oil and Gas vice minister Asset Magauov as saying on Wednesday. “We are studying this issue currently.” It was an unexpected decision by the ministry, Kazinform.com reported, because earlier announcements said that the Euro-3 and Euro-4 modernizations would be completed by 2014.

“Transition to Euro-3 and Euro-4 standards is a very expensive process,” Magauov said. “Stage-by-stage modernization will require more time and huge financial resources. Therefore, we decided to pass on Euro-5 standard at once in order not to build new factories and not to purchase additional equipment. Today’s facilities allow producing Euro-5 fuel at once.” Modernizing Kazakhstan’s three oil refinery plants will increase their expected output to 17 million tons per year, Magauov said. “This should be enough to satisfy Kazakhstan’s needs for oil products even in light of possible growth (in consumption) since we currently process about 13 million tons of crude a year”

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