Toyota to launch 11 new hybrid vehicles by end of 2012

Toyota to launch 11 new hybrid vehicles by end of 2012Toyota Motor Corp said today it will launch 11 all-new and redesigned models of gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles by the end of 2012 to accelerate its eco-friendly vehicle strategy on consumers' growing interest in environmental conservation. Among them will be a highly fuel-efficient compact car that will run for at least 40 kilometers per liter of gasoline, the largest Japanese carmaker said. Under its plan for environmental conservation technologies, Toyota will also start sales of a plug-in hybrid vehicle in Japan, the United States and Europe by early 2012.

The annual sales target for the plug-in hybrid is put at 50,000 units or more. The planned selling price in Japan is about three million yen. In addition, Toyota will introduce from around 2015 a fuel-cell hybrid vehicle that will run on electricity generated through the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. The FCHV will be put on sale in regions of Japan, the United States and Europe where a supply of hydrogen fuel is available, it said. Its price is now expected to go below 10 million yen, Toyota said, adding it plans to make further efforts to lower the price.

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