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Our peopleNowadays there are many engineering societies around the world, for example, IEEE American engineering institution, established in 1884 with 365000 members, and IET Britain institution established in 1871 with 153000 members.

Our Kazak Engineering Society will be 2 years soon. Despite we have no government or any other financial support; we have done a lot for this period. In many respects, it was possible thanks to the enthusiasm of talented people - the true patriots of Kazakhstan.

Today we want to tell you about good people who constantly help the formation of our community. Serik Yeskeneyev, Lead Electrical Engineer of Karachaganak Petroleum Operating b.v. Company and Zhanbulat Tulegenov (Caterpillar) are the masterminds behind our society. Also, engineers, managers and other professionals working in different companies: Farid Kamaliev, Nurken Sengaliev,  Zholdybai Nurzhanov, Alhat Berkaliev, Uljan Kalieva, Gulaim Kairshina (KPO), Christopher Downs (BG group), Nurbulat Shamshenov (KazakEnergoExpertiza), Yertai Mustafin (Lukoil), Nurzhan Karakulov (Technomare) are provide all possible assistance.

Saule Kuzhabergenova, KPO employee, a gifted translator and a Kazakh patriot, helped us in translating between English, Russian and Kazakh. Barodus Izdeleev, head of the expert company "Batysenergoaudit," has given us assistance in the arrangement of our meetings.
They are progressive people who believe in a brighter future of Kazakhstan and of our technical institution and holding high rank of Kazakh Engineer and feels responsible for the future of Kazak people.

Talented and very smart software engineer Marat Mendalin, also having excellent design skills, has created a beautiful and modern logo for our community. Currently Marat is working on site www.ktb.kz painstakingly, which will be the first ever Kazakh technical encyclopedia.
Marlen Kassym is another talented and promising engineer, who recently graduated with distinction the Middlesex University in the specialty "Information Technology”, has created our main web site www.kazib.kz.

In the process of achieving the objectives of the community we have entered into partnership agreements with such companies as «Technopark Algorithm" and Burlin District children's Library, who helped us in conducting children's competitions. Now we are concluding a similar agreement with the technical community Nazarbayev University (Nazarbayev University Engineering Society - NUES).

Sincerely want to thank everyone for his contribution to our society and to assure everyone that we will not stop on the achieved frontiers, and we will continue to work to achieve our goals and prosperity of our country.


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