The KIB Chairman’s Speech to the Quarterly meeting held in Uralsk 26 November 2010

Quarterly meeting 2010The KIB Chairman’s Speech to the Quarterly meeting held in Uralsk 26 November 2010:

“Dear friends!

Many thanks for coming to this meeting in Uralsk city. The main purpose of our meeting is to familiarize you with a new established Kazak Engineering Society.

The idea of foundation of Kazak engineering institution was born in 2009 December among small team of Kazak engineers in Aksay town and was intensively discussed during last winter. At that time we developed the main goals, vision, mission and tasks of the society. In 2010 April we received the State License.

How and why we come to this idea to create Kazak Engineering Society?

Firstly, we know that there are many similar societies around the world like IEEE – American institution, IET – Britain society and many others.
So, why Kazaks will not have one?

Secondly, despite that there were many high qualified engineers graduated in soviet time now the quality of modern technical education has decreased obviously. And we thought, probably, that institution would contribute in transferring of elder generations experience and knowledge to young people.

Thirdly, Kazakstan is young and rapidly growing country. Mineral wealth and good political and geographical situation provide favorable conditions for further development of Kazakhstan and whole Kazak nation. At the same time according to UNESCO every year 50 languages die in the world. The main reason is non-utilization of them. It is essential for any language to use it regularly in all areas, not only in the fiction stories but in the engineering area as well.

These and other factors have contributed the fact that our ideas were implemented and in April 2010 we got the first ever in Kazak history Kazak Engineering Society.
In the Charter we declared that it will be non-for-profit organization. Equally, it is not nationalist organization so anyone can be a member of this body.

Our internet site we maintain in three languages and Kazak language is the main one. For site operation we use Joomla Content management System and we were the first to translate it’s language into Kazak. In general, from the very beginning we follow the rule to translate all and any document into Kazak.

On our site we publish videos are shot and produced by our members. They are devoted to enhancement of engineering trade’s prestige and increase of interest of young people to engineering issues and also to study Kazak language by non-Kazak people. 

In September we enrolled into World Federation of Engineering Organization WFEO as a corresponding member. It is a non-government body established with support of UNESCO and uniting 80 national engineering organizations around the world and representing 8 million engineers.

What our future plans?

In our nearest future we plan to create the Kazak Engineering Encyclopedia. As generally known, there is lot of information in English but nearly nothing in Kazak in internet you can find. There are many engineering information in Kazakhstan high schools in Kazak language but every college or university uses its own glossary and this issue is uncoordinated what can lead to misunderstanding between experts. We need to unify all of these words and terms together in one technical edition which would be available for any internet visitor. If we achieve this it would be the first Engineering Encyclopedia in Kazak history.

Cooperation with retired people and disabled is one more direction of our activities. We believe that these people have definite scope of knowledge and experience and skills and abilities which could be aimed at into constructive way. We see our role in the searching for such people for further collaboration with them.  It is very important and complicated issue and we suppose to continue our internal discussions to develop a special program.

We will continue to work over our internet-site with aim to make it the most popular Kazak engineering internet-portal. We will publish more videos and articles.

These Uralsk meetings should be stay regular and the favorite for progressive-minded Kazak engineers. We will hold them every 2-3 months.

In conclusion I would say that our members believe in the great future ahead of Kazakhstan and Kazak Engineering Society. We believe that all progressive-minded and leading Kazak engineers would be with us and will make personal contribution in great future of Kazakhstan.”

Hakim Mendybay


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