OCD&CONOPS in Capability Development course

OCD&CONOPS in Capability Development courseWe are pleased to announce PPI's OCD & CONOPS in Military Capability Development Training, already delivered on five continents,  is taking a giant leap forward with confirmed delivery late December in Eastern Europe/Northern Asia. Ankara, Turkey will be the location for this milestone event, commencing December 29 at the Wyndham Ankara Hotel in the heart of Ankara.

This course is an immersion in the development of military capability, with a focus on problem definition, Operational Concept Description (OCD - how the capability, and each element of its solution, will be used), and concept of operations (CONOPS - how the military outcome is to be achieved). No background or previous experience in CONOPS development is needed to attend this training.

The course content is easily transferable in application to any substantial public infrastructure system, business system, or other large undertaking involving people and technology as a part of the solution. The training is consistent with a systems approach to problem solving, as advocated by defence administrations worldwide. This approach is an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to the engineering of system solutions (of any type). The approach aims to capture stakeholder needs and objectives and to transform these into a description of a holistic, life cycle balanced system solution which both satisfies the minimum requirements of the stakeholders, and optimises overall solution effectiveness according to the values of the stakeholders.

At the conclusion of this course, delegates are expected to:

• understand the types of information that collectively define a military (or infrastructure) problem
• understand how to capture and validate the information that defines the problem
• understand the distinctly different information content and purpose of on OCD (Operational Concept Description) and a CONOPS (concept of operations)
• understand the role of each of these documents in development of military capability, and their relationship to requirements documents, various forms of solution description, architectural frameworks such as DODAF, and to acquisition
• have at least basic skills in capturing and validating requirements, etc.
• have at least basic skills in preparing an OCD
• have at least basic skills in preparing a CONOPS

We look forward to continuing our great relationships with clients in Turkey and the wider region — and with less than two months until course commencement, preparations are well underway.

Please register early to take advantage of the generous earlybird saving of 10% off public course registrations.

For more information, please visit our website, http://www.ppi-int.com/training/ocd-conops-course.php

We look forward to seeing you at the Wyndham Anakra on December 29!


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