Mobile phone which can monitor heart problems and send data to your doctor goes on sale in UK

A new mobile phone could help millions of people who suffer from heart-related medical problems monitor their conditions. The H'andy Sana is a touch-screen phone that also includes an application called Heart Suite, which allows users to measure, record and send vital Electrocardiograms (ECGs). Users can take their ECG instantly by pressing two fingers on the side of the phone for 30 seconds.

Monitor: The H'andy Sana can record Electrocardiograms and send them to your doctor along with blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol
They can then send it to a doctor or qualified medical professional for advice, along with other data including blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol.

The idea is that the phone is suitable for day-to-day monitoring of heart problems, without the need for expensive equipment.
Manufacturers also argue it could offer a broader picture of the patient's condition compared to the result of only getting an ECG when visiting a hospital or clinic.

Doctors could buy the phone to use for ECG tests when visiting patients in their homes.
The new device will be launched in the UK later this year by Medical Marketing UK Ltd, which has signed a deal with MMB GmbH for exclusive marketing rights for the H'andy sana.

It is expected to cost around £490 and is likely to be sold with a large carrier subsidy. MMUK is headed by former Vodafone director Jonathan Viney. A number of telecommunications companies have already expressed an interest in selling the new handset.

Daily Mail Reporter


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