Tabanlioglu Architects design for the Astana Stadium is under construction in Kazakhstan

Astana Stadium is under construction in KazakhstanThe stadium is to be used as a multifunctional entertainment complex for different sports and gathering purposes, but it is mainly programmed as a soccer field that fits the FIFA and UEFA criteria. Align with the elliptical outer form; the circulation line creates dynamic and peaceful areas. The structural elements mutually support each other and converge into a grid-like formation, in which façades, stairs and roof are integrated. The steel structure, transparent glass and the partially used galvanized sandwich panels on the facade create a strong and clear expression.

The polycarbonate skylight surrounding the roof illuminates the facade and the main circulation zone. A two-tiered solution, with exclusive areas, is preferred; lower stands with 16,000 seating capacity situated at all four sides and the upper stands with 14,000 seating capacity are placed only on the east and west sides. The stadium, seating up to 30,000, has 24 portals for the entrance and exit of the spectators. The design introduces innovative solutions adopting high technology principles for operational management and dealing especially with harsh climatic conditions of the geography. The closed arena is heated and air-conditioned. The operable roof is an integral part of the structure.

The main bearing construction being steel, the sliding roof shifts on the east-west direction. Polycarbonate elements cover the moving part of the roof for benefiting natural light; also grant impact resistance, sound absorption and natural ventilation. Apart from its functional features, the Astana Stadium is a symbolic building that reflects the modern and contemporary aspects of the new capital. The stadium constitutes a charming urban landscape and becomes a new scene in Astana tallying with the synergy of sports, games, hospitality, nature and contemporary architecture.


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